One of the fresh real examples is shown in the picture below. The average attendance of the resource before the mailing was about 100 unique visitors per day. During the mailing process, this figure was able to increase dramatically. At peak times, as follows from the data provided by the metric, about 1,630 visitors a day visited the site. As a result, 6,300 new visitors were received in just 6 days. Moreover, their cost turned out to be very low. If they were attracted, for example, with the help of contextual advertising, they would cost 25-30 times more expensive.

However, there are advantages to this method

Many people believe that if customers are urgently needed, then in this case e-mail mailing to other people’s databases is an inefficient way. Opinion has the right to life. Yes, many emails end up in spam, many are immediately deleted and do not even open. However, there are advantages to this method. Firstly, it is mass character. If you make a mailing list to a million addresses, many of the letters will reach the recipient 100%, based at least on the “theory of probability”, despite all the difficulties. The second plus is the opportunity to get a high degree of targeting.

You can make a mailing list based on a specific country, region, and even a city, or you can go even further and make a mailing list based on a database that includes legal entities with a specific type of activity. The third plus is that you do not need to order expensive video or audio clips, billboards, and so on. It is enough to prepare an interesting offer in text and graphic format, which can be done quickly and almost for free.