Month: December 2022

I would not like to upset anyone, but as they say, you can’t throw words out of a song. The sad fact is that as a result of communication with marketers, it became clear that the volume of bad news from the market is increasing. The essence of this bad news is that a lot of markets are falling, the situation on them is deteriorating. This is confirmed by individual marketers and marketing experts, as well as various communities and […]

The elite of the creative economy will be formed sooner or later. When this happens, the new elite will begin to put very serious barriers to entry into their circles and it will become impossible to get into the representatives of the creative class, even if you are able to generate and implement ideas better than others. So if there is a desire to become one of the ideocrats, it is better to start doing it now, because then it […]

The creative economy and the creative class are a reality that has already come. Each type of economy presupposes the presence of a base class, an elite. Accordingly, if there is a creative economy, then there must be an elite that is its base. So far, this elite does not have a common collective name, because it did not feel like a single whole, but over time this elite will definitely receive a self-designation. Processes in this direction are already […]

Where to get a lot of clients, what is the effectiveness of e-mail newsletters, what can you count on? It all depends on the quality of the offer, as well as on whether the mailing lists are used by themselves or within the framework of the product sales system. If the quality is high and there is a sales system, the newsletter will bring new customers who have not previously bought a product or service and therefore they can be […]

One of the fresh real examples is shown in the picture below. The average attendance of the resource before the mailing was about 100 unique visitors per day. During the mailing process, this figure was able to increase dramatically. At peak times, as follows from the data provided by the metric, about 1,630 visitors a day visited the site. As a result, 6,300 new visitors were received in just 6 days. Moreover, their cost turned out to be very low. […]