The elite of the creative economy will be formed sooner or later. When this happens, the new elite will begin to put very serious barriers to entry into their circles and it will become impossible to get into the representatives of the creative class, even if you are able to generate and implement ideas better than others. So if there is a desire to become one of the ideocrats, it is better to start doing it now, because then it […]

In 2017, two of the four co-founders of BVNK, Jesse Hemson-Struthers and Donald Jackson founded a cross-border payments company called Coindirect in Cape Town.

The project was focused on emerging markets: customers could bypass the global Swift system by transferring funds to stablecoins — cryptocurrencies tied to fiat currencies like the dollar — and then transferring them to euros or British pounds.

Davis says the project was profitable, and in January of this year his co-founders teamed up with BVNK.

However, there is […]

The head of the Financial Stability Department of the Ministry of Finance Ivan Chebeskov announced the possible launch of international settlements with cryptocurrencies in 2023. The information was confirmed by the head of the State Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

The Bank of Russia stressed that there is no talk about the legalization of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the country, as well as about the resolution of crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges within the country, […]