I would not like to upset anyone, but as they say, you can’t throw words out of a song. The sad fact is that as a result of communication with marketers, it became clear that the volume of bad news from the market is increasing. The essence of this bad news is that a lot of markets are falling, the situation on them is deteriorating. This is confirmed by individual marketers and marketing experts, as well as various communities and […]

One of the fresh real examples is shown in the picture below. The average attendance of the resource before the mailing was about 100 unique visitors per day. During the mailing process, this figure was able to increase dramatically. At peak times, as follows from the data provided by the metric, about 1,630 visitors a day visited the site. As a result, 6,300 new visitors were received in just 6 days. Moreover, their cost turned out to be very low. […]