Where to get a lot of clients, what is the effectiveness of e-mail newsletters, what can you count on? It all depends on the quality of the offer, as well as on whether the mailing lists are used by themselves or within the framework of the product sales system. If the quality is high and there is a sales system, the newsletter will bring new customers who have not previously bought a product or service and therefore they can be called “fresh”. If the offer is one that cannot be refused, then many customers will be received. So if you need customers urgently, you can always get them if you know how to do it.

A proposal that cannot be rejected is a proposal that contains an idea. The low efficiency of e-mail newsletters is always associated with the fact that they are empty, empty.Usually, some ready-made text is simply taken, for example, from a website or from a booklet and simply sent to recipients. It is better not to do such mailings at all, because if you offer a product or service “head-on”, their effectiveness is almost zero. In order for the efficiency to be high, you need to offer an idea, and only then to implement this idea unobtrusively recommend your product or service.

With this approach, the efficiency reaches 20% and higher

With this approach, the efficiency reaches 20% and higher. In a situation when customers are urgently needed, e-mail mailing is one of the best options, with its help, the search for new customers is carried out as quickly as possible. However, you should always remember that e-mail mailing is not a way to tell about a product, but a way to motivate its consumption. The problem with most texts is that they do not contain an idea, but simply contain thoughts that are not interesting to anyone, sometimes there are not even thoughts in them.

A high–quality mailing list text is one that contains an idea that may be interesting to the recipient. An interesting idea creates a desire to buy a product or service in order to realize it. Only highly qualified motivational specialists can write such a text, ordinary copywriters very often cannot do it. Having a motivating text and a good base for mailing for a budget of $ 10-300, you can urgently get thousands of “fresh” potential customers. Do you want to try it? Need help or advice?