The elite of the creative economy will be formed sooner or later. When this happens, the new elite will begin to put very serious barriers to entry into their circles and it will become impossible to get into the representatives of the creative class, even if you are able to generate and implement ideas better than others. So if there is a desire to become one of the ideocrats, it is better to start doing it now, because then it will be too late.

This is due to the fact that when the creative class has a significant part of the capital, they will simply take all the power into their own hands and will hold it until a new sector of the economy comes out in the first place, until the next type of economy begins to form, which will replace the creative economy.


So it is quite obvious that the representatives of the creative class are the future, they will be the ones who will move on humanity, which will entirely depend on them. This is due to the fact that only societies with a creative class will be able to be competitive on a global scale.

… only the creative class is able to create a profitable product

Strong dependence on representatives of the creative class is due to the fact that only the creative class is able to create a profitable product. All other segments of the economy can create only what can be attached to the creative. A product without creativity will not represent value. There is a similar situation but at a different level now. For example, take sand. In principle, it does not represent value.

But when it is mixed with cement, it becomes a solution that is already valuable, but only within the framework of an industrial economy. Sand acquires value in the process of industrialization, in the process of mixing with cement. The situation will be similar in the creative economy. In a creative economy, only the product into which the creative is integrated, the product that contains the creative, will have value. A product that does not have a creative integrated into it will not have significant value, and you will not earn much from it.

In connection with the above, only those states and companies that have representatives of the creative class will be competitive in the new economy, because only such states and companies will be able to offer the world a product that is valuable within the creative economy.

Accordingly, states and companies that want to be successful in the new conditions should make sure that they have a creative class. If there are no creatives in the state or company, they will become easy prey for more successful competitors. There is another trick. It consists in the fact that it is necessary not only to be able to create a creative product, but also to promote and sell it.

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