Being a spectator of the Demo Day from Y Combinator is a real test for the mind: each of the startups gets a minute to speak with just one slide. In just 4 minutes, you have to switch from an AI notebook for medical professionals to a financial reporting tool, a wholesaler of auto parts in Africa and a company that produces fabric from food waste.

This event takes place twice a year, and its visitors are the first to see what tasks the new generation of startups is solving. Biz Carson from Protocol said that she learned from watching more than 223 presentations.

Fintech and crypto companies are still popular, although interest in these areas is waning at a late stage

According to YC statistics, every fifth startup on Demo Day belonged to the field of financial technologies. Moreover, there were brave men among them who are still building the “buy now, pay later” project.

Neobanks are also trending: 11 of the startups present are working on them. India alone is developing neobank for couples, neobank for young professionals and neobank for wholesalers.

Another popular direction is alternative investments, whether it’s Swiss bank accounts for the middle class of the Middle East or savings in gold for residents of India (one of the lines on the slide read: “India loves gold”).